Tips for Pre-Planning a Funeral

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Pre-planning one’s own funeral is not a new idea; for instance, Charles Dickens dictated the dress code for the mourners at his funeral. Still, pre-planning has become increasingly popular in recent years for a number of reasons. Making pre-arrangements allows you to choose your own preferences regarding the funeral home and burial, and reduces the emotional and financial burden of your surviving family members. The extent of the pre-arrangements you wish to make is completely your decision. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

Evaluate Cemetery Sites Choosing a family cemetery site is a wonderful way to ensure closeness among your family members when life’s journey has ended. Selecting plots well in advance allows you to keep your family together. Visit the potential sites and decide on your preferences carefully. If you prefer cremation, you may wish to designate a memorial plot.

Consider Prepaying for Services Prepaying for funeral services will help reduce the burden on your family members. You may choose to pre-fund all or part of your funeral services. For example, you can choose to purchase your casket or urn, but forego paying for the funeral service itself. Speak with a funeral home representative to decide which options are best for you and your family.

Decide on the Arrangements Making pre-arrangements allows you to be as flexible as you wish with your options. You can customize your entire funeral , right down to the flower arrangements and even the obituary if you wish. Alternatively, you may prefer to take a less involved approach and designate only your burial plot or the type of service you would like.

Make Your Preferences Known After you’ve decided on your pre-arrangements, make sure your family members know what they are. Write down all of the details and make multiple copies. Give one copy to your attorney, other copies to your family members, and place another copy in a safe place where it is likely to be found.

For assistance making pre-arrangements, contact Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory of Tacoma at (253) 584-0252. Our compassionate, friendly staff is always happy to answer your questions. You might also visit our website to request our pre-planning guide.

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