What Are the Different Types of Funerals?


Contrary to popular belief, the term “ funeral ” does not always refer to the same thing. What exactly constitutes a funeral varies by religion, ethnicity, and personal preference. Here is a look at some of the main types of funerals:

Traditional Funeral This is the type of funeral that comes to mind when most people hear the word. The ceremony begins with one or more “visitations” in which friends and family of the deceased gather in a location with his or her body present and pay their respects. A service is then conducted in which loved ones and religious figures commemorate the life of the deceased. After the service is over, the attendees travel as a group to the deceased’s place of burial, where additional services are held and the deceased is finally put to rest. A reception may follow the burial.

Memorial Services Memorial services are similar to a visitation without the body present, in that the loved ones gather to commemorate the deceased’s life, even without a body. Situations in which this might occur include the deceased being lost at sea or having been buried before a traditional funeral could be held. In the event of the former, the loved ones sometimes erect a memorial to take the place of the body, and to serve as a gathering point.

Combined Traditional and Memorial Services Combined traditional and memorial services are often held for people whose loved ones, acquaintances, and admirers are too numerous or too far away to be invited to the private funeral. A real-life example of this is the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, after which millions of Americans who could not attend his funeral held memorial services in their own communities to honor his legacy.

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