Funeral Director’s Advice: How to Send Condolences to Those Who Have Lost a Loved One

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When a friend loses a loved one, the best way to show support isn’t always apparent. While people respond to death in different ways, it’s important that you offer condolences in a way that respects the individual’s grieving process. Following proper etiquette for offering condolences will assure that you uplift your friends while simultaneously being considerate of their feelings.

Don’t Be Overly Aggressive or Passive Resist the urge to tell people how they should grieve, as everyone does so in his or her own way. Instead, be quick to listen and slow to speak. Only offer advice if asked. If you are the type of personality more likely to avoid the subject, remember that it’s more helpful to respectfully embrace the reality of the situation alongside your friend. You should also acknowledge the deceased by name and don’t avoid the conversation.

Calls, Cards, and Flowers A condolences call can be encouraging to the family, especially if you are not sure whether or not a visit to the home is appropriate. If you call and no one picks up, leave a message, as they may listen to it together later. Ask the family if they are accepting cards, flowers, or something else like donations to a favorite charity in honor of the deceased. Ultimately, this time is about the family’s wishes, so your offerings should fall in line with that.

Offer Your Help Sometimes a grieving family can be so overwhelmed with funeral arrangements and related concerns that they lose sight of some basics. If the funeral arrangements are watertight, offer to cook, clean, or help out with errands and day-to-day tasks. This support may seem unconventional, but it can make a big difference in the family’s quality of life in the short term. Your humble servitude will represent the purest and sincerest form of giving.

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