• How to Write an Obituary

    When your loved one has passed on, placing an obituary or death notice in the local paper allows you to honor the deceased and notify friends and family. The difference between a death notice and an obituary is that a death notice requires a fee, but you may write as much or as little as you like. There are certain key facts that you should include in the death notice or obituary.

    Watch this video to learn more about writing an obituary, including suggestions for sharing your loved one’s interests and accomplishments. The funeral director in this video also reminds you to list survivors as well as the date of death.

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  • What Does It Mean to Have a Green Funeral?

    Calla among leaves

    Each year, more people are realizing the benefits of a green funeral . An eco-friendly funeral reduces the adverse impact on the environment and may help to ease the grief of the decedent’s family and friends. While some people might not embrace the idea, a green funeral can still be conducted in a manner that conveys the utmost respect to the decedent.

    Green Burial Plot A green cemetery usually contains land that is zoned as a conservation area. Green cemeteries have various requirements regarding chemical use and biodegradability of the coffin. They may also restrict memorial items, such as flags and balloons. Burial plots within green cemeteries are typically marked with a flat plaque, a stone, or a plant that is native to the area.

    Natural Return to the Soil Traditional burials seek to delay the decomposition process as long as possible and separate the body from the earth. A green funeral bypasses the embalming process. Instead, a closed casket and quick burial is recommended. However, some funeral homes may offer alternative preparation methods. The coffin can also be made from biodegradable material, such as bamboo or jute. Some people opt for a simple shroud instead, or a biodegradable urn.

    Modernized Cremation Cremation is not typically thought of as an eco-friendly process, and indeed, a biodegradable coffin is generally preferable. However, if your loved one has requested cremation, you may find peace of mind knowing that today’s crematoriums have greatly reduced emissions compared to those of the past.

    Donations in Memoriam Requesting donations to charities in lieu of flowers is an eco-friendly idea that has already been embraced by many. Helping those in need is a wonderful way to remember loved ones who have passed on, and it also reduces resources used for flower farming. You might also consider planting a tree or the decedent’s favorite flowering plant on the burial site instead of leaving perishable or manufactured items.

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  • A Guide to Funeral Flowers

    Flowers on a coffin

    Flowers are a beautiful way to say good-bye to your loved one and remember his or her life. Certain types of flowers and arrangements are traditionally used to add a graceful element to the funeral service. If you have trouble selecting appropriate flowers, ask the funeral director for assistance.

    Types of Arrangements Flowers for funerals are organized in graceful arrangements, though some people might also choose traditional vases. Many people select wreaths for funerals because their circular nature symbolizes eternal life. Basket arrangements are also available. Some people prefer to send flowering plants that are potted so that they will last. It is traditional to adorn the casket with a spray of flowers, which may cover up to half of the casket. Some people may also wish to add a small spray of flowers within the casket.

    Selecting Flowers There is no standard rule that must be followed when selecting the specific types of flowers. Lilies are often chosen because they express innocence and purity. Gladioli are often used in sprays because they have a tall stem. These flowers symbolize moral integrity. Choose pink carnations for remembrance and white carnations for love. Roses of any color will add a note of elegance to the funeral service . In addition, selecting the types of flowers that your loved one enjoyed is a special way to honor the deceased.

    Special Considerations If you are sending flowers to friends or family members that have lost a loved one, there may be other factors to consider. Many people request donations to charity in lieu of flowers, and it is always best to honor their wishes. People of certain cultures and religions do not traditionally select flowers, although some are making exceptions in recent years. If you are unsure of the correct custom for an Islamic or Jewish funeral, contact the funeral director for assistance.

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