• Do You Ever Stop Grieving the Loss of a Loved One?

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    After you lose someone you love, the grief can be overwhelming. Often, the truly difficult part comes after you leave the funeral home and life returns to normal for those around you. When you lose a loved one, you will feel his or her absence acutely in the big and little things that happen each day. Grief seldom ends at the funeral, but is there a time when it finally eases?

    Understanding the Grieving Process

    Grief is both normal and very personal. No one grieves quite like anyone else, and there is no timetable for the process. A large part of grieving may come down to the nature of the loss. If your loved one was suffering, your grief may be tempered by the knowledge that his or her pain is over. An unexpected passing may bring feelings of confusion or anger that exacerbate grief. The most important thing to understand about grief, however, is that there is nothing to understand. You can and should grieve in your own way without pressure to hurry up and get over it. Most people who have experienced a significant loss say that grief doesn’t have an ending point. Instead, it’s more of a process of adjusting to the loss and learning to carry it with you.

    Signs You Should Seek Help for Your Grief

    Grief can be an extreme trauma for anyone, and some signs may indicate that you need help working through your feelings. If your grief is interfering with your ability to maintain your relationships and professional responsibilities, then you may need assistance arriving at a place where you can honor your loved one’s memory while still living your own life.

    A fitting memorial service can be a powerful part of coping with grief. Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park, & Crematory can help. Let our funeral home staff assist you as you plan the funeral or cremation service. We even have grief resources available. You can reach our Tacoma-area funeral home at (253) 584-0252. 

  • A Glimpse into South Korean Funeral Rituals

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    During a funeral, recognizing cultural customs are important. Historically, South Korean funeral rituals were very elaborate, but in modern times, traditions have become more simplified. At Mountain View Funeral Home , our caring staff can help you incorporate South Korean rituals into your loved one’s funeral service in whatever way you see fit. Here is a look at South Korean funeral traditions that you may wish to consider.

    Funeral Length

    South Korean funerals typically last for three days, allowing friends and family members time to get into town to pay their final respects. Traditionally, it is the responsibility of the oldest son of the deceased to make sure funeral arrangements are made and that all parts of the service go smoothly. In modern times, that role can be played by whoever is best-suited to handle the job. You may wish to honor the three-day ritual by arranging for visitations to be held on three separate days, followed by a funeral service.

    Funeral Dress

    South Korean mourners traditionally wore robes and hats made of hemp. The length of the mourning cloths indicated the relationship with the deceased. Now, it is common for mourners of both genders to wear black clothing. If the eldest son is taking charge of funeral arrangements, he may wear a black suit with a hemp hat.

    Funeral Offerings

    If you are a guest at a South Korean funeral, it is traditional to give a monetary offering to the family at the service. This money, similar to money collected at a wedding, is to help offset the cost of burial for the family. Many families place a collection envelope near the guest book at the visitation area in the funeral home.

    Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park, & Crematory welcomes and accommodates funeral customs from all cultures and religions. Our Tacoma funeral home can help you devise a service that truly befits your lost loved one. To find out how we can help you, please call us at (253) 584-0252. 

  • Ways to Honor Your Deceased Loved One at Your Wedding

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    The absence of a lost loved one can weigh heavily during weddings and other special occasions. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find a way to pay tribute to a deceased loved one at a wedding without putting stress on an otherwise happy event. However, there are plenty of ways to invite the memory of lost loved ones into a ceremony without casting sadness over the affair.

    Music is a wonderful way to honor a deceased loved one at a wedding. Play a favorite song and dedicate it to his or her memory. You can also honor lost loved ones with special flowers in the bridal bouquet or on the wedding altar. Another idea is to incorporate something from the deceased into the ceremony, such as a special item of clothing or piece of jewelry. Displaying photographs and setting a place at a dining table are other ways to remember a deceased friend or family member.

    At Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park, & Crematory, our funeral home staff can assist you with planning the right tribute for your loved one after a loss. When you need help, call our Tacoma-area funeral home at (253) 584-0252.

  • How Different Cultures Honor Their Deceased Loved Ones

    Each culture has its own way of paying tribute to lost loved ones. One tradition in many Spanish-speaking cultures is the Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. This day gives people a chance to grieve lost loved ones and celebrate the lives they lived.

    This video explains the spirit behind Dia de los Muertos and offers a glimpse of a Dia de los Muertos celebration. Traditionally, family members build altars that feature photos, candles, and trinkets that represent the memory of their deceased loved ones.

    At Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park, & Crematory, we can incorporate your family’s traditions into the service you are planning. Learn more about the work we do at our Tacoma-area funeral home by calling (253) 584-0252. 

  • Tips To Help Ease the Grieving Process

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    The loss of a loved one causes irreversible changes. With time; however, you may find that you grow to accept the loss. Although you will never forget those who have passed on, you may find some sense of closure following the funeral . As you work through the grieving process, consider whether the following tips may help you cope.

    Feeling Your Emotions

    Grief is a highly individual response; no two people will feel the same spectrum of emotions following the loss of a loved one. Some people may try to avoid feeling their emotions in an attempt to stay strong or to avoid feeling the hurt. However, acknowledging your emotions and allowing yourself to grieve is an integral part of the healing process. Some mourners find comfort in writing a letter to their lost loved ones to express thoughts and feelings that they wished they had conveyed before the loss. You might try keeping a journal to chronicle your feelings, and you may also feel comfort in visiting the memorial park or cemetery.

    Taking Care of Yourself

    It’s quite common for the bereaved to neglect self-care measures. You may neglect to eat properly or to exercise, or you may neglect to take prescription medications to manage a medical condition. Grieving itself exerts significant stress on the body. However, caring for your physical well-being is an essential step toward healing your soul. Remind yourself that your lost loved one would have wanted you to care for yourself properly.

    Interacting with Friends

    Sometimes, the company of friends can offer tremendous comfort in times of sorrow. Avoiding social isolation may help you to navigate the grieving process. However, a well-intentioned friend may at times try to force you to move toward healing at a pace that feels unnatural to you. Remind friends that it’s natural to allow yourself to feel your emotions .

    Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Cematory offers an aftercare program for Tacoma residents who have lost loved ones. Please join our grief support services at any time of the day or night. If you would like to arrange for a funeral, memorial creation, or cremation, please call our funeral home at (253) 584-0252.

  • Mountain View Re-pack Event

    What an awesome Mountain View team turn out for the Re-pack event @ the Emergency Food Network here in Lakewood!! Erin Twilley, Bryndi Riggs, Terri Dahm, Pattii Painton, Vicki Reed, Bobby McGee, Sherri Nugent Lohr, Jeremiah Sandstrom & Paul Friden…ROCKED IT!

    Today it was ALL about apples. we sorted and repacked 18,500 lbs of apples…in 3 hours. (The record is 18,500 lbs of food in 3 hours by 40 people…we did 18,500 in 3 hours with 13 people!)

    The energy was great, teamwork was awesome, what a team building experience!!!! We’re all looking forward to giving back to the community at the next repack event in December!!!


  • Helping Someone You Love Cope with the Death of a Spouse

    When someone you love has lost a spouse, it’s important to remember that everyone grieves differently . Adjust how you interact with your loved one in accordance with his or her needs. For example, your loved one may need some time to be alone, or he or she may prefer to talk through the issues. Let your loved one know that you are there for him or her, but avoid trying to force your loved one to discuss the loss. When talking about the deceased, always use his or her name.

    In addition to offering emotional support, you can help your loved one deal with practical affairs. Your loved one may appreciate your help in planning the funeral service and contacting other relatives. A bereaved spouse may also feel at a loss as to carrying out day-to-day activities. Oftentimes, couples split duties. For example, if the deceased primarily handled financial matters, your loved one may need some assistance in this area. Additionally, your loved one may appreciate your offer to do chores or errands.

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    When it’s time to honor a loved one, the compassionate staff members of Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory are here for you. Families in the Tacoma area can reach us at (253) 584-0252 for grief support services and assistance planning a  funeral or cremation .

  • A Closer Look at Russian Funeral Ceremonies

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    Adhering to treasured national customs is one way to honor your loved one’s final wishes. Russian funeral ceremonies often follow in the traditions of the Russian Orthodox Church, which retains some echoes of the Greek Orthodox Church. Russian Orthodox traditions may also be combined with various folk traditions. If your loved one made funeral pre-arrangements that included instructions to follow Russian traditions, you can expect the following ceremonies for the burial, funeral, and memorial.

    Burial Preparation

    In accordance with Russian tradition, the body of a loved one must be washed and dressed in white clothing. White clothing symbolizes purity. Often, the selected clothing is handmade and not quite finished, which symbolizes its otherworldliness. The body must also be buried with a belt, which reflects the wearer’s dedication to his or her religion. The body is then arranged in the home for three days, before being placed in a coffin. Family members and friends may place cherished items in the coffin.

    Funeral Service

    At the funeral service, a bell is rung once in a high-to-low note to call mourners to the funeral. A priest offers a prayer service and then mourners toss dirt onto the grave. After the priest places a paper crown on the head of the lost loved one, mourners may toss additional soil and coins into the grave. Later, mourners sing songs that depict their grief and love for the deceased.

    Memorial Dinner

    On the day of the funeral, family members and friends are expected to join together for a memorial dinner . Another dinner and a church service are held on the ninth day, when it is said that the soul leaves the body. In the Russian tradition, the soul departs for the world beyond on the 40th day, on which another memorial dinner and service are held.

    The compassionate staff of Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory understands the importance of honoring traditions and respecting a loved one’s final wishes. We’ll help you design a funeral service that conforms to your culture’s traditions. Please call our funeral home and memorial park at (253) 584-0252 or visit our facility in Tacoma.

  • A Guide to Funeral Planning

    When a loved one passes, there are typically only a few days in which to plan the funeral service. This is one reason why many people are choosing to preplan their funerals. When making the arrangements, you’ll first meet with the funeral home director and decide which type of service to have. You’ll decide between a cremation or a burial, and you’ll decide between having the funeral service at the funeral home or at a church.

    For other important factors to consider, watch this video. This expert discusses the selection of music, the type of casket or vault, and the selection of a minister or other speakers.

    Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory offers pre-arrangement services, cremation, and cemetery options. If you wish to learn more about our compassionate services , please call our Tacoma office at (253) 584-0252.

  • Taking a Look at Traditional Chinese Funeral Ceremonies

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    Many cultures have age-old conventions that they practice upon the death of individuals in their community, and Chinese society is no different. This culture has very specific rites that they faithfully carry out for funeral and cemetery services . The following information highlights some of these longstanding activities.

    Family Rituals

    In honor of the deceased, family members may be quite vocal during the funeral services of a loved one. Loud weeping is seen as a sign of respect. The deceased’s coffin must also be brought inside the house during the funeral services if he passed away in the home. Once the memorial part of the ceremony is complete, the family must travel to the burial site behind the vehicle carrying the casket. If the deceased has a son, he is the first person to lead the processional. The oldest remaining members of the family will follow.

    Burial Arrangements

    The family attends the burial segment of the funeral services . Here, they can each put mounds of earth on the surface of the casket after it is in its final resting place. Some soil is kept for future rituals that will pay tribute to the individual that has died. It’s also very important that the burial take place on elevated ground if possible.

    Honor Customs

    In Chinese culture, the oldest members of the community are the ones given the highest form of veneration. When someone of advanced age dies, it becomes the responsibility of his children to arrange and pay for his funeral and burial needs. In the event that a person with no children passes away, he cannot be given the same level of respect, no matter his age.

    Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory in Tacoma strives to uphold the cultural practices and honor ceremonies of each family that uses our funeral home services. If you would like to speak with an associate about your cremation or burial needs, call (253) 584-0252. We can also make pre-arrangements for those who would like to have their funeral services prepared in advance.

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