What You Need to Know About Pre-Planning a Funeral

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Pre-planning your funeral is a great way to ensure that your funeral wishes will be respected. It will also save your closest companions a great deal of financial and emotional stress at a time when they will already be struggling to remain positive. Before you solidify and pre-planning preparations with a funeral director, however, it is helpful to consider the following:

Know Your Rightsm When planning any funeral, including your own, you have a set of rights that you deserve to be made aware of. First, you only have to arrange and pay for services that are required by law or that you have chosen because you want them. No funeral home or director can force you to use a service that is not a legal requirement. Second, you have the right to shop around until you find a funeral home with which you are satisfied.

Remember That You Do Not Have to Plan Every Detailn When you make funeral pre-arrangements, you only need to plan the details you want to plan. This includes those details of the funeral planning process that are legal requirements. Every cremation, burial, or funeral ceremony detail you provide will help your family . If you have no preference on certain aspects of your funeral and would prefer not to make choices in these areas, you can leave it up to your family to take care of those few details after you have passed.

To Pre-Pay or Not Pre-Pay Paying for your funeral can be another source of comfort and peace of mind, as well as a way to save money. When making financial pre-arrangements, you can often lock in prices of services that could become more expensive between the time you plan and the time your funeral arrangements must be carried out. It is important, however, that you ensure the funeral home you are working with has insurance or some sort of “transfer of payment” policy to protect your investment before you agree to pay in advance.

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