How to Decide Between Burial and Cremation for Your Loved One

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The funeral planning process requires you to choose between burial and cremation . If your loved one had not indicated his or her preference between the two funeral rites, here are some factors to consider during the decision making process:

Prior Indications If your loved one did not leave any specific funeral wishes behind, think back to any conversations in which he or she discussed the issue. Talk to other family members to reach a consensus about the deceased’s probable preference.

Family Preferences If looking through written documents and talking to others doesn’t lead to particular conclusions, think about what makes the most sense for your family’s needs. If you want your loved one to have a gravesite you can bring flowers to and visit to honor his or her memory, burial and cremation are both viable options. If you would rather your loved one’s remains to be portable so that you can keep them with you at all times, then cremation is a better option for you.

Religion Another factor to consider is religious preference . If your loved one was a practicing Christian, Jew, or Muslim to whom religious laws or customs were important, then burial is the most traditional burial practice. For practitioners of Buddhism and Hinduism, cremation is the religious custom.

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