• Information About Memorial Services and How to Deal With Grief

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    Planning a funeral can be stressful, but knowing how to prepare a eulogy and realizing that the way in which you are grieving is natural can help. To learn more about either of these topics, check out the following resources.

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  • Five Myths About Grief

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    Grief is a highly personal process that every individual experiences following the death of a loved one. Since the feelings associated with grief before, during, and after a funeral can be so intense and unlike any other life experience, many psychologists and academics have studied it extensively. To read about five myths that have been disproven as a result of some of this research, check out this article.

    Grief is another word for mourning. Grief and mourning are often used synonymously. While the two processes are related, grief is what takes place internally, while mourning is the outward expression of one’s emotions following the death of a loved one.

    People experience grief in the same way. Attempts have been made to categorize the feelings and emotions experienced when grieving the loss of a loved one, but these attempts are broad generalizations that have resulted in expectations for the grieving process that cannot be realized by everyone.

    Grief should not be given much attention. There is a common misconception that the best way to deal with the death of a loved one is to think about the loss as little as possible. Phrases like “life goes on” and “move on with your life” are often used to encourage people who are not yet ready to heal.

    Tears should be kept to a minimum. Many people try to discourage those who are grieving the loss of a loved one from crying, often claiming that the loved one would not want them to cry. Research has shown that crying has health benefits, and that tears can actually help people to cope with their emotions.

    Ultimately, everyone gets over the loss of a loved one. Not everyone gets over the loss of a loved one. In fact, many people continue to grieve the loss of someone they have loved and known for the rest of their life. They learn to live without their loved ones, but do not necessarily “get over” the loss.

    If you are concerned that the feelings of grief you are experiencing following the loss of a loved one are unconventional, it is important to remember that grief is a highly personal experience. To help remove as much stress and pain from the funeral planning process as possible, work with a dedicated and experienced funeral director . For funeral assistance in the Tacoma area, call Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory at (253) 584-0252

  • Tips for Preparing the Perfect Eulogy

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    Delivering a eulogy at a loved one’s funeral gives you an opportunity to commemorate your loved one’s life with kind and reflective words in front of many people to whom your loved one was special. When asked to deliver a eulogy at a funeral service , many individuals are unsure of where to begin. If you are in the process of writing a eulogy to deliver at your loved one’s funeral service, you may find the following tips to be helpful.

    Think About What You Wish to Convey No matter how strong your desire to chronicle your loved one’s entire life and discuss all of his or her positive attributes in the eulogy, this is not something you will have time for. Instead, choose a theme and stick with it. One approach is to open with an anecdote that will resonate with many of the individuals in attendance, touch on a few ways in which the deceased impacted the lives of those who or she knew, and then conclude by drawing back to the initial anecdote or highlighting another memory.

    Have Someone Review the Eulogy Once you have drafted a speech to deliver at your loved one’s funeral, have someone who knew your loved one well look the eulogy over and give you his or her thoughts. This may make you aware of anything you would like to change or at least make you feel comfortable with what you have prepared come funeral time.

    Write or Print in Large Letters Regardless of whether you type the eulogy’s text in a word document or outline the eulogy on notecards, the print you use should be large. Since you are likely to want to rehearse the eulogy a handful of times before reciting it, do so using a podium to ensure that you have no difficulty reading the words you have written from your standing position.

    Remember a Bottle of Water If you choke up when you are at the podium, or you lose your place or train of thought, taking a sip of water is a great way to regain your composure without feeling like the pause you are making is awkward.

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  • How to Act at a Funeral

    Are you preparing to attend a funeral and wondering what you should say, how you should act, and how to best pay your respects to the family of the deceased? If so, this brief video clip can provide you with some helpful advice.

    In addition to learning about proper funeral attire and gifts you can bring to a funeral to express your condolences, you will receive advice on paying your respects to the family of the deceased after the funeral.

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