A Basic Guide to Planning Your Loved One’s Funeral Service

Funeral Urn with Flowers

The loss of a loved one can be devastating, and it is difficult for many people to find the strength and motivation to make funeral arrangements in the midst of the grief and despair they experience following a loved one’s death. A funeral, however, is designed to help the family and friends of a loved one acknowledge and begin to accept his or her passing from this life. To help you plan a funeral that honors your loved one in a personalized and memorable way, consider the following advice.

Select a Body Handling Method

One of the most important decisions to make following the death of a loved one is between cremation and burial. If your loved one did not leave any last wishes behind, consider his or her religious beliefs and personality when making this decision.

Choose a Location

Funeral home facilities and religious houses of worship are ideal settings for many funerals, but they are not your only options. If you think it would be more appropriate to honor your loved one’s life outdoors, in a community center, or in a sporting venue, discuss non-traditional funeral service locations with your funeral director.

Design a Program

Music, floral arrangements, religious or inspirational readings, and eulogies are all components of most funeral services. As you put together a funeral program for your loved one, let his or her interests, habits, and characteristics weigh at least as heavily as conventional norms. Choose music and readings that evoke memories of your loved one, and consider adding a personal touch such as a photo slide show or video montage.

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