Understanding the Time-Honored Tradition of Cremation

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Cremation has been used as a method of handling the bodies of the deceased for thousands of years. While technological advances have made cremation cleaner and easier than ever before, the philosophy of cremation has changed little. Here’s a look at the history and evolution of the cremation process:

  • The Origins of Cremation
    The process of cremation predates any well-kept historical accounts, but some evidence suggests it has been practiced with regularity for more than 10,000 years. It is likely that cremation has its origins in present-day China, where it was once practiced primarily among monks. Archaeologists estimate that cremation was first practiced in parts of Europe and the Middle East around 3000 B.C. By1000 B.C., cremation had become a customary funeral practice in several cultures with roots throughout the Eurasian continent.
  • Cremation in Eastern Religions
    In many cultures and religions, particularly those that predominate in Southeast Asia, cremation is a rite of passage for a soul between one life and the next. In accordance with the belief of reincarnation that is adhered to by Buddhists and Hindus throughout Asia, cremation frees a spirit from its past body so that it can freely move to the next body it will inhabit.
  • Environmental Impact of Cremation
    Religion, culture, and tradition are still the primary reasons why people choose cremation over burial. However, an increasing number of individuals are choosing cremation for environmental reasons. Since the cremation process does not involve environmental contaminates such as formaldehyde, it is viewed as a green alternative to burial.

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