What to Expect During the Grieving Process

Father comforting his son

People may experience grief for a variety of reasons.  They may have lost a loved one, lost a job, or ended a relationship.  Grieving is a process that everyone undergoes after experiencing a loss.  It can be a difficult, but going through the process is the fastest road to acceptance.  For most people, the process turns out to be a positive experience.  They may develop a renewed appreciation for what matters the most to them.  Here are a few things to expect while going through the process of grieving :

  • Everyone Grieves Differently

The first thing to understand is that everyone deals with grief in his or her own way .  Some individuals may experience anger or frustration at first.  However, this is natural in most cases.  Express your emotions appropriately.  Do not be afraid to cry or express your grief aloud.  This is a time to open up and deal with your most heartfelt feelings.

  • Do Not Feel Guilty

In many cases, it is common to feel guilty or responsible for the loss.  Though it is natural to sometimes feel this way, it will only complicate the healing process.  Deal with your emotions accordingly, but do your best to not point fingers at yourself or anyone else.

  • Expect Occasional Triggers for Grief or Sadness

Annual markers like anniversaries, birthdays, or holidays may trigger past memories and feelings.  Be prepared for those emotions to resurface.  Especially within the first few years of grieving, you may feel the need to cry in these situations.  This is perfectly normal.  In these difficult times, it may be a good idea to plan ahead for family gatherings and discuss with relatives how you can pay tribute to a lost loved one.

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