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Choosing a Headstone for Your Loved One

Tombstones and tulips

A headstone is a lasting tribute that will serve as a memorial of his or her life for generations to come. Selecting one that you think your loved one would have been happy with, however, can be difficult. For this reason, you may want to consult with a helpful staff member of the funeral home you are working with to ensure you choose the right one. Here are some tips for selecting the right headstone:

  • Size

Some cemeteries have size limitations on the headstones that can be used in their memorial parks, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with restrictions of the cemetery you are working with. If you do not have restrictions to abide by, think about what size headstone your loved one would have wanted.

  • Materials

When choosing materials for your loved one’s gravestone, there are a few things you should take into account. Think about the weather conditions that the headstone will endure, and rule out options which are prone to weather wearing. It’s also important to choose a material that is aesthetically pleasing and within your budget.

  • Style

Did your loved one indicate a preference for one style of headstone over another? You can generally choose between a traditional engraved headstone, a mounted plaque, a monument, and a wall marker.

  • Personalization

This is the part of the headstone selection and design process that people struggle with most when planning a loved one’s funeral. If your loved one has not left any wishes behind for an epithet, discuss ideas with others who were close to the deceased. Choose an inscription that you agree your loved one would like and that will remind you of his or her memory when you visit.

Are you planning a funeral in the Tacoma area for a loved one who has recently passed away? For a full-service funeral home that is staffed by compassionate and experienced individuals, speak with Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory. Call (253) 584-0252 for assistance in planning the funeral your loved one would feel honored by.


Grieving the Loss of a Child

Family at a Funeral

No parent should have to endure the loss of a child.  Speak with the funeral home to learn about grief counseling options, and keep the following points in mind as you heal:

  • Grieve on Your Own Terms

Grief is unique in that there is no universal standard for coping with the loss of a loved one. One parent who loses a child may display his or her emotions differently from another, and this is okay. It is important to remember to take care of yourself while you are grieving (eat properly, try to get enough sleep, etc.) and to seek the comfort and help that you need.

  • Remember You Are Not at Fault

After the initial shock of losing a child subsides, the first question many parents ask themselves is: “What could I have done differently?” However, it is important to not let your mind run wild with “What if?” scenarios. It may be difficult to accept that you had no control over your child’s death, but understanding that you are not at fault is important to your well-being and the well-being of those who love you.

  • Express Yourself

You may feel guilty expressing your wants and needs while trying to cope with the loss of a child. This is natural. During and after the funeral-planning process, express yourself to close friends, family members, or a grief support counselor in a one-on-one or group setting in which you feel comfortable.

Grieving the loss of a child is the most heart-wrenching process a parent can endure. To work with a Pierce County funeral home whose staff is caring and compassionate, call Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Cemetery at (253) 584-0252. Because we understand how devastating it is to lose a young child, we provide free burial and cremation services to families who have lost an infant or child under the age of ten.


Proper Funeral Attire

The last place anyone would wish to offend someone is at a funeral. If you are preparing to attend the funeral of a friend or relative who has recently passed away, watch this brief video clip for some expert advice on how to dress for a funeral.

Both men and women should dress formally, preferably in a dark-colored suit. Men should avoid colorful and eye-catching ties, and women should take caution to make sure that their shoes and accessories are not too flashy. If attending a church funeral, even the most formal of hats should be avoided.

If are looking to pre-arrange your funeral services with one of Tacoma’s most well-respected funeral homes, speak with the compassionate staff of Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory. Call (253) 584-0252 to find out more about our pre-arrangement services.



Celebrate the Life of a Loved One!

Extended family enjoying at home with their pets.

Have you found our recent blog entries to be informative and helpful? If you would like to learn more about different burial and cemetery options in Pierce County or you are seeking inspiration on how you can pay tribute to your loved one, check out the following online resources.

  • Read this Seattle Times article to learn about Hawaii’s annual lantern ceremony, a way to pay tribute to deceased loved ones that you can practice in your home community. 
  • At the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association’s website, you can read about the evolution of mausoleums over time.
  • Are you looking for a non-traditional way to lay your loved one to rest? Explore the options discussed in this Huffington Post article to learn more. 

For more information, call Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory at (253) 584-0252. 


A Look at Tribute Options for Your Loved One

Cemetery in fall.

A century ago, most American families had few options when planning a burial and funeral for a recently deceased loved one. Today, funeral homes offer a variety of cemetery options that give people the opportunity to be buried in a manner that best suits them. Read this article to find out about several of these options.

Traditional Burial

Tried and true for hundreds of years, this method of laying a loved one to rest is still preferred by much of the population. If your loved one wishes for his or her body to be buried, there are several attractive cemetery options to consider. You can choose from an upright granite memorial garden, a serene garden, or a traditional and conservative cemetery garden.


Practiced among some populations in the Far East since as early as 8,000 B.C., cremation is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. When a loved one chooses to be cremated, the options for the scattering of his or her ashes are virtually endless. In addition to being spread in a loved one’s favorite geographic location or kept on display at home, cremated remains can be placed in an urn garden or even a traditional burial cemetery.


Mausoleums provide families with a unique above-ground option. Mausoleums can be made up of single crypts or companion crypts, and there are several options available to suit personal preferences and family budgets of all sizes. For religious families, chapels and other places of worship can even be incorporated into mausoleums.

If you are looking for a funeral home that provides a full range of burial and cremation services in the Tacoma area, contact Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory. Call us at (253) 584-0252 to learn more about our cremation services and memorial park.



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