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Types of Ash Scattering Ceremonies

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Cremation services are available to help your family memorialize your loved one. Many families choose to inter the cremated remains in a memorial park. If this option doesn’t feel appropriate for your family or if your loved one specifically requested a scattering ceremony, there are many thoughtful ways to arrange this. Casting, trenching, and raking are all respectful ways to return cremated remains to nature.

Casting is the type of ceremony that typically comes to mind when one thinks of scattering ceremonies. It involves casting the ashes into the wind, over the ground, or over a body of water. Casting may be done from atop a mountain, on level ground, at the shore’s edge, on a boat, or even from an airplane. If your loved one had an adventurous spirit, you might even consider arranging to have the cremated remains launched into space, although you would not be present at the moment this would occur. Casting has roots in many ancient civilizations. It was ritually performed by the ancient Romans and Greeks. Casting is still performed as part of the Hindu rites, in which a loved one’s cremated remains are cast over the sacred Ganges River. Like other cremation ceremonies, casting can be personalized to reflect the life of your loved one. Choose a location that was near and dear to your loved one’s heart. You might choose to scatter the remains in multiple locations. Check local ordinances first; scattering is restricted in some areas.

A trenching ceremony involves interring the cremated remains in a long, narrow, shallow trench and covering the remains with soil. Trenching may be done in a location that was meaningful to your loved one, provided local ordinances allow it. Like casting, trenching has roots in the ancient Roman and Grecian civilizations.

Raking is similar to trenching, although it does not involve burying the remains. Instead, the cremated remains are gently incorporated into the topmost layer of soil. Raking may be a good choice for deceased loved ones who enjoyed gardening or being in nature. The cremated remains will support the plants that grow there. You may wish to plant a tree or scatter wildflower seeds in the ground.

Mountain View Funeral Home provides thoughtful funeral planning services in Lakewood, Washington. Our cremation services include interment in our memorial park. Please call (253) 584-0252 to speak with a funeral director.

Writing Your Own Obituary

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Funeral pre-planning is usually a solemn affair. It requires individuals to envision the events that would follow their own death and how their loved ones will manage after they are gone. Many funeral pre-planners choose to leave letters to their loved ones to comfort them after the death occurs, but there is a second option for getting in the last word, so to speak. Writing your own obituary not only relieves your loved ones of this task; it also affords you one last opportunity to make your mark on the world.

Choose an Approach
A self-written obituary may be written in first- or third-person. In other words, you could either write, “I was born in 1949” or you could write, “She/he was born in 1949.” If you’re not sure which is right for you, write a paragraph or two in each of these voices and then determine which feels more genuine. Next, consider whether you wish to write a solemn, formal obituary or to break the mold by using a humorous approach. There is no single “right” way to write your own obituary; do what feels appropriate for you. Bear in mind that you can set your obituary aside for a while and then revisit it to determine if it could benefit from a revision.

Include Essential Facts
It’s customary to include the essential facts about a person’s life in an obituary. Use the following factual information to guide your writing:

  • Your full name (including maiden, middle, and nickname)
  • Your date of birth (and space for your date of death)
  • Your loved one’s names
  • Your affiliation with professional, fraternal, or civic organizations
  • Your education and occupation
  • Your major life events and accomplishments
  • Your special interests and hobbies

Write Personal Reflections
Writing your own obituary is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to share your personal reflections with those who survive you. You could use this opportunity to remind your family and friends of your love, let them know how you lived your life, and offer words of wisdom for moving forward after loss.

If you’re thinking about pre-planning your funeral and you live near Lakewood, Washington, the professionals at Mountain View Funeral Home invite you to explore our extensive resources. We are a funeral home, memorial park, and crematory that offers thoughtful and respectful care for pre-planners and at-need families. Call us at (253) 584-0252 for more information.

Planning a Musical Tribute

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Your deceased loved one lived life with a style and grace that was uniquely his or hers. At Mountain View Funeral Home, we believe in the power of funeral ceremonies to bring mourners together, to preserve the memories of lost loved ones, and to include ceremonial elements that are uniquely designed to reflect the life of the individual. We invite families to explore the Signature Services available at our funeral home, which include musical tributes.

Consider requesting the services of a talented harp or bagpipe player during your loved one’s funeral service. Music has the power to transcend words. It can soothe the soul and inspire loving reflections of the life that was lost.

Contact a funeral director at (253) 584-0252 to inquire about arranging a musical tribute at a funeral service in Lakewood, Washington. Mountain View Funeral Home is also pleased to offer supportive grief counseling for members of our community.

Visiting a Shiva Home

When a Jewish family member dies, the family sits shiva for seven days. This is a time for the family to stay near each other as they grieve. If you’re not a member of the family, but you wish to express your condolences, you can call the synagogue or the funeral home to inquire about visiting hours. You can also show your support by attending the funeral ceremony.

Watch this video for more information about visiting a shiva home. You will learn that while the family is sitting shiva, the community takes care of their needs by providing meals and by lending a comforting presence.

Mountain View Funeral Home is a serene, comforting place where families of all faiths and cultural backgrounds may gather to reflect upon the life of their deceased loved ones. Call our funeral home in Lakewood, Washington at (253) 584-0252 to request the support of our funeral planning professionals.

Take a Tour of Mount Rainier Memorial Garden

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Do you need help with funeral pre-planning in Lakewood, Washington? The staff at Mountain View Funeral Home can help you navigate this complicated and emotional process. When you are ready to choose a memorial site, visit Mount Rainier Memorial Garden. This memorial park is currently under construction, but you can schedule a pre-need visit to see if it may be right for you.

At Mountain View’s Mount Rainier Memorial Garden, you will find a peaceful final resting place. This garden features a beautiful green lawn with a breathtaking view of Mount Rainier. Our garden also features a newly built mausoleum that combines modern and traditional aesthetics, and offers individual niches for cremation urns.

Whether you need help with planning a cremation ceremony, a green burial, or a funeral for a veteran, Mountain View Funeral Home is here to help. To learn about our range of funeral services, including funeral pre-planning, contact us at (253) 584-0252.

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