Our full service facility, includes three chapels, two reception areas, our own on-site cremation chambers and 120 developed acres of beautiful cemetery grounds.

Mountain View Re-pack Event

What an awesome Mountain View team turn out for the Re-pack event @ the Emergency Food Network here in Lakewood!! Erin Twilley, Bryndi Riggs, Terri Dahm, Pattii Painton, Vicki Reed, Bobby McGee, Sherri Nugent Lohr, Jeremiah Sandstrom & Paul Friden...ROCKED IT!

Today it was ALL about apples. we sorted and repacked 18,500 lbs of apples...in 3 hours. (The record is 18,500 lbs of food in 3 hours by 40 people...we did 18,500 in 3 hours with 13 people!)

The energy was great, teamwork was awesome, what a team building experience!!!! We're all looking forward to giving back to the community at the next repack event in December!!!


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